At Watt Antelope Family Dentistry, we are a family and we believe in creating a happy and comfortable space for everyone. Our mission is to provide the highest quality care and service to our patients in the most caring and comfortable space. Our vision is to be the premier high tech dental provider in the greater Sacramento area and make people smile every day in every way.

As part of this mission, we are committed to :

  • Caring about our patients and their families
  • Providing the highest quality of service in a comfortable space
  • Always growing and learning to bring cutting edge technology and innovation to our patients
  • Educating our patients and the general public about their health and creating awareness in our community
  • Listening to our patients with an open heart
  • Always choosing joy and having fun
  • Treating everyone like family
  • Caring about our patients’ concerns and valuing their time
  • Holding ourselves to the highest level of personal and professional integrity
  • Working efficiently and in a professional manner every day

We are committed to being a caring, compassionate and efficient team dedicated to providing the highest quality care and education to our patients. We will always strive towards excellence. We will give our 100% every day. And we will do it all with a smile on our face and a song in our heart. Our patients will feel like superstars. And they will always leave with a smile on their face, excited for their next visit. They will feel so valued and safe, that they will refer all of their friends and family to us to get the same experience.