Clear Aligners in North Highlands,CA
Clear Aligners in North Highlands,CA

Clear Aligners in North Highlands, California

Watt Antelope Family Dentist is proud to be a certified provider of clear aligners. Straightening your teeth has never been easier or more convenient than now, by using clear aligners.

Clear aligners work as quickly and efficiently as braces without the unsightly metal wires or brackets. It is a popular option for patients of all ages. Clear aligners use the same concept of traditional braces and retainers. The clear aligners apply force to move them into the proper position. The nearly invisible aligners work wonders on your smile without having to worry about dark lines across your teeth.

Your aligner changes every week or every few weeks to get you the smile you’ve been looking forward to at a rapid speed. At your consultation, we will come up with a custom treatment plan that works for you by taking an impression or scan which will be used to create your set of personalized, transparent aligners. Clear aligners work in sequence, with each set moving your teeth into the right position by degrees. As part of your customized treatment, a dentist and you will discuss the position of your teeth, which would best suit your face. You will have to come to our North Highland office every two weeks or so to ensure that clear aligner is working well for you and to make any alterations necessary.

Braces and metal retainers can be so unpleasant and are not aesthetically pleasing. They can bring unnecessary pressure into your life or your child or teenager’s life. The clear aligners can be removed for special events but should be worn for the majority of the day and while sleeping. Patients love knowing that they can take off their retainers to eat — no more worrying that something will get stuck between metallic lines. There is also no special diet that you have to follow when using clear aligners.

The staff at Watt Antelope Family Dentist specializes in clear aligners to straighten teeth and can provide you with the best treatment in the North Highlands area. Call today to schedule a consultation.